SVIP Privilege - Amount of privilege and gift is waiting for Super VIP - Conquer Online -

  • Requirement: Your credit amount reaches US$1000 per calendar month.
    Benefits: Delicate Card Box, 1% CPs(B) rebate for next month, SVIP challenge once a day, 10 Fortune Points

  • Requirement: Your credit amount reaches US$2000 per calendar month.
    Benefits: Luxury Card Box, 3% CPs(B) rebate for next month, free server transfer once, SVIP challenge with 3x rewards once a day, 20 Fortune Points

  • Requirement: Your credit amount reaches US$3000 per calendar month.
    Benefits: Supreme Card Box, 10% CPs(B) rebate for next month, free server transfer once, SVIP challenge with 5x rewards once a day, 50 Fortune Points, 5-star Garment, exclusive Title, Wings, 20% off your purchase of Avatar

Black Card Benefits

Supreme Card Box, 50 Fortune Coins, SVIP Challenge Ticket (5x Reward), Free Server transfer once, Part of 5 Star Garment/Wing/Title 20% off Sales

  • Supreme Card Box


  • 50 Fortune Points


  • SVIP Challenge Ticket(5x Reward)


Exhange Store

Fortune Points: xxxxx

  • P3 Anima

    The precious stone contains everlasting vital power. You can embed the Anima into your weapon or equipment.

    Fortune Points: 3

  • Rune Crystal

    You have a chance to melt it into a Rare Rune.

    Fortune Points: 10

  • Big Permanent Stone*2

    Provides 100 Stabilization Points to stabilize Refinery/Purification effect which will become permanent when energy is filled.

    Fortune Points: 20

  • 10000 CP(B)

    10000 CP(B)

    Fortune Points: 35

  • Splendid Star Stone*2

    It's a necessary material to increase equipment's Perfection progress by 10,000 points on the forging interface.

    Fortune Points: 40

  • Stone+8

    Use it as a minor item to increase the main item's Composition progress or its Perfection progress by 2,9160 points.

    Fortune Points: 50

  • Epic Material Selection Bag

    Open to select one Epic Weapon material from Life's Eye, Divine Panacea, Boundless Heart, and Heart of the Sea.

    Fortune Points: 300

  • Chi Booster(+1)

    Add 1 point to a random Chi Attribute. Please contact the GM with your server name and character name to get the effect.

    Fortune Points: 500

  • Imperial Dragon Armor

    The combat suit with exquisite dragon decorations on the shoulder reveals a strong sense of supremacy.

    Fortune Points: 500

  • Soul Chariot

    The chariot with purple flame can burn out enemies and destroy their souls.

    Fortune Points: 1000

  • Astral Phoenix

    The one who can ride the mythical bird is the most powerful superhero.

    Fortune Points: 500


SVIP privilege will base on the credit in March. Heroes which match the request can claim these rewards in April.