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Supreme VIP Center - Conquer Online

SVIP Requirement & Privileges

Note: Supreme VIP will be unlocked in the next quarter once the requirement is met in this quarter. The privileges last for 90 days, which can be extended by crediting a certain amount every quarter.
The 1st Quarter: From Jan. 1st to Mar. 31st.
The 2nd Quarter: From Apr. 1st to Jun. 30th.
The 3rd Quarter: From Jul. 1st to Sep. 30th.
The 4th Quarter: From Oct. 1st to Dec. 31st.
Privileges Supreme Gold VIP
(Credit 600$-1500$
Every Quarter)
Supreme Platinum VIP
(Credit 1500$-3000$
Every Quarter)
Supreme Diamond VIP
(Credit >=3000$
Every Quarter)
One-to-One GM Service Only VIP players who meet SVIP requirement can enjoy Facebook GM support service. Otherwise, the privilege will be unavailable or suspended.
Case Priority
Account Security Guarantee 1 2 3 The result depends on GM's investigation.
VIP FriendShip Extra Service 3 5 10 Help your friends submit case or make inquiry, quarterly basis.
GM Account Online Service
New Game Feature Experience Service Reservation
Game Designer Hotline It will be arranged by TQ.
Game Update Pre-notice
Birthday Greeting Details
New Servers Transfer Privileges
(except special servers)

New servers refer to the servers which have no Server Transfer NPC;
New Server should be 2 months old;
Target Server should be older than the current Server.
Fee: 11997CPs (3*transfer fee)

VIP 7 Binding Remove Service You can unbind one of your own accounts after crediting $600 in one natural month.
Garments/Mounts Privileges
(VIP6-7 Store)
Free Item Unlocking Service(Quarterly Basis) 12 Pieces 24 Pieces 36 Pieces Only available to supreme VIP account owner
Supreme VIP Exclusive Title 90-Day Supreme Gold VIP 90-Day Supreme Platinum VIP 90-Day Supreme Diamond VIP Valid period: 3 months
Supreme VIP Exclusive Garment 90-Day BrightPurpleRomance 90-Day BrightPurpleRomance 90-Day BrightPurpleRomance Valid period: 3 months
Supreme VIP Exclusive Mount 90-Day SnowLotus 90-Day SnowLotus 90-Day SnowLotus Valid period: 3 months
Supreme VIP Exclusive Map - SVIP Challenge Ticket (Courage Pass) 1x Reward 3x Rewards 5x Rewards Details
CP(B) Rebate 3000 CP(B) 5000 CP(B) 8000 CP(B)
Card Box Delicate Card Box Luxury Card Box Supreme Card Box Details
SVIP Level Upgrade Rewards P1NoblePack P2NoblePack P3NoblePack Details
VIP Level Rewards
Fortune Point Store 10 Points 20 Points 50 Points Details
Supreme Diamond VIP Store (20% off) Details
Free Transfer (ServerTransferToken(B)) Valid period: 3 months