Sub-Class Promotion - Choose One Class and Be Powerful

Level Growth Points Rewards
1 300 Ginseng Fruit(B)*1, Yellow Rune Fragment(B)*2, Yellow Rune Essence(B)*2 Claim
2 500 Twilight Star Stone*3, Yellow Rune Fragment(B)*2, Yellow Rune Essence(B)*3 Claim
3 800 Ginseng*2, Yellow Rune Fragment(B)*2, Yellow Rune Essence(B)*4 Claim
4 1200 Stone(B), 3*1, Super Protection Pill(B)*10, Yellow Rune Fragment(B)*2, Yellow Rune Essence(B)*5 Claim
5 1500 Stone(B), 3*2, Yellow Rune Fragment(B)*12, Super Protection Pill(B)*2 Claim
6 1800 Stone(B), 4 *1, Meteor Scroll Pack(B)*3, Power Eraser(B)*1 Claim
7 2200 Stone(B), 5 *1, Bright Star Stone*2, Favored Training Pill(B)*5 Claim
8 2700 Bright Star Stone*3, Ginseng*3, Favored Training Pill(B)*10 Claim
9 3300 Bright Star Stone*5, Favored Training Pill(B)*10, Steed(B), 5*1 Claim
10 4000 Chi Points(B)*3000, Bright Star Stone*8, Ginseng*10, Penitence Amulet(B)*20 Claim
11 5000 Chi Points(B)*5000, Radiant Star Stone, Ginseng*15, Penitence Amulet(B)*30 Claim
12 7000 Chi Points(B)*8000, Radiant Star Stone, Ginseng Fruit*20, Super Exp Potion(B)*1, Oblivion Dew*20 Claim
13 10000 Chi Points(B)*10000, Yellow Rune Essence(B)*50, Rune Crystal(B)*5, Ginseng*30, Luxury Relic Chest(B)*1 Claim
14 15000 Chi Points(B)*20000, Blue Rune Essence(B)*80,Rune Crystal(B)*10,Knowledge Pill*40,
180-day 1% blessed 5-Star Mount Armor Pack
15 20000 Chi Points(B)*30000, Universal Rune Essence(B)*100, Rune Crystal(B)*15, Super Skill Soul Splinter(B)*20,
180-day 1% blessed 5-Star Garment Pack