Chic Thanksgiving Party - Join the Party for Fun and Fancy Garments!


Daily Tasks
Sign-in (Benefits - Daily Sign-in) to get 5 Chic Ribbons a day.
Use Chi Tokens to get 5 Chic Ribbons a day.
Join in Qualifier to get up to 20 Chic Ribbons a day.
Get 200 Daily Active Points (open the reward pack) to obtain 10 Chic Ribbons a day.

Thanksgiving Quest - Defeat Thanksgiving Bandit
Defeat Thanksgiving Thieves and Bandit in limited time to get 30 Chic Ribbons and other rewards a day.

November Grand Sale
Purchase items in November Grand Sale to get Chic Ribbons. You will get 1 Chic Ribbon for every 50 CPs spent in the Grand Sale.

Purchase Chic Ribbon directly from NPC Flotta

Note: You need to submit at least 10,000 Chic Ribbons to make it in the top 10 and get corresponding rewards.
The data is not real-time updated. The ranking rewards will be sent via in-game mail system 48 hours after event ends.

Rank Character Name Server Sacred Twigs