Summer Adventure - Take Adventures and Win Abundant Rewards in This Summer!


In-Game Quests Quests
Complete the quests in different maps to get Adventure Points:
1. Dragon Cavern
2.Chaos Jungle
3. Unusual Castle
4. Bonfire Station
5. Opening Adventure Bags
6.Win in Qualifier

Use 1 Vigor Crystal to teleport to a random adventure.
Use 3Vigor Crystals to teleport to a designated adventure.

Approaches for Getting Vigor Crystals:
1. Sign in to get 5 Vigor Crystals every day.
2. Use Chi Tokens to get 10 Vigor Crystals every day.
3. Purchase Vigor Crystal Packs with CPs. You can purchase 1 Vigor Crystal for 3 CPs or 10 Vigor Crystals for 20 CPs at NPC Robert at Twin City (395,330).

Note: You need to get at least 10,000 points to be ranked in top 10 and get the corresponding reward.

Rank Character Name Server Points