Girl Group Support - Support Your Idol and Win Nice Rewards!


Nationality: China

Personality: Sweet, Cute


Yoona is a caring elder sister. She takes charge of cleaning the dormitory and making the training plan.
She can also bake cakes, which is a comfort to tired girls.
After all, sweets are the key to happiness!


Nationality: Egypt

Personality: Gentle and quiet


Fares loves playing bass. She likes to plough into music when she doesn't have training.
She can hold her bass for a whole day!
She desires to be a well-known bassist and to write the music that can attract all people!


Nationality: USA

Personality: Sprightly


Laura is very fond of working out, so she has assorted of gym facilities.
Her motto is: exercise is a lifetime career!
But she is also a foodie! Her stomach is stuffed with Yoona's desserts, potato chips and cola!
She would have become a chubby girl without exercises!

How to get Favor Balloon?

  • Daily Activities

    1. Sign in to get 5 Favor Balloons every day.

    2. Use Chi Tokens to get 5 Favor Balloons every day.

    3. Join Qualifier to get 10 Favor Balloons each time and up to 30 Balloons a day.

    4. Enter event map to hunt monsters and get up to 30 Favor Balloons a day.

    5. Get 10 Favor Balloons when Activeness reaches 200 in a day.

  • Grand Sale consumption

    Purchase items in April Grand Sale to get Favor Balloons. You will get 1 Favor Balloon for every 2 CPs spent in the Grand Sale.

  • Lucky Bag Rush

    Get Favor Balloons in Lucky Bag Rush event. Coming soon.

Support Rank

Note: You need to get at least 10,000 points to be ranked in top 10 and get the corresponding reward.
Rank Character Name Server Points