CO 18th Anniversary - A Lot of Memory and Gifts in the Celebration!


Ingame Quests
1.The time machine will send you to a random old map to experience the good old days. Hunt monsters to win fine rewards! You can enter up to 3 maps in a day.
There are 5 Mythical Boxes in each map, open the box to get Memory Stone * 30 for sure and a random reward.
2.Talk to the nostalgic friends in the main cities to win up to 3 Anniversary Bonus Packs each day.
Anniversary Bonus Pack: Open to randomly get Memory Stone * 20, 100 CPs (B), 1 +3 Stones (B), 500 Chi Points, etc.

Anniversary Grand Sale
Purchase items in Anniversary Grand Sale to get Memory Stones. You will get 1 Memory Stone for every 1 CP spent in the Grand Sale.

Anniversary Credit Rebate
It’s an offline credit event. It will be released later on May 18th, please stay tuned.

Note: You need to get at least 10,000 points to be ranked in top 10 and get the corresponding reward.

Rank Character Name Server Points