WorldPeace_EU New Server Reservation - More Reservation, More Rewards!

Optional Accessory Box: Choose a 30-day bound weapon accessory from 1-handed/2-handed Lingering Blossoms (Forever), Dream of Seahorse, Desert Flame, Mew Mew Shield (Charm), Rattle Drum, Fancy Pinwheel, and Glory Flag.

60-day Annual Returning Box: Open it up to 4 times, once a week, getting a bag of 600 CPs (B), 20 Class Awakening Boxes, a Lucky Return Wheel (B), and a pair of 7-day wings like Lasting Love each time.

Dinotooth: Use it as a permit to enter the Dark Cave and defeat Dinomonster and Dinoking to gain treasures. Expires after 23:59, Apr. 4th.

For the returning character above 1st Rebirth Level 80 who did not log in game from Aug. 1st, 2021 to Feb. 28th, 2022, we will send a grand gift pack to the new character created under the same account in the new server.