Daily Credit Gifts - Credit for Treasure Chests and Rewards


Download Link:

Download from Google Play

Step 1: Open Google Play and search Conquer Online Poker Club

Step 2: Download and install Conquer Online Poker Club


Step 1: Open App Store and search Conquer Online

Step 2: Download and install Conquer Online Club

Heroes can play MMO and Poker in Conquer Online - Poker Club.


30 days 1% SongofDespair(B) & 500CP(B)

Note: You can claim the prize after 5 minutes of playing Poker.


Play Poker in CO Poker

GoldBag & 1000CP(B)
Bright Star Stone*3

Invite Friend to
CO Poker 0/3

Duration: Long term

·Free Silver Giveaway: Every player can claim 10,000 Silvers per 30 minutes in TwinCity (176,215).

·Kill Monster to Win Silver: Please search monsters near 143,290, 208,321, 249,268, and 287,184, you will find big mount of silvers after defeat the monsters!

·Login Reward: Players can receive 5,000 Silvers after login.

·SpecialShop: Silver shop!!! 5-Star Garment and items are on sale in SpecialShop(165,200)!

·Silver Buy Back: Please find NPC Kelly in 202,215 for more details.

·NPC PokerClubEnvoy (197,216) would like to introduce more events!