a. Class Sign In - Sign in to get gift pack. Open the pack to get random items including Magic Potions(up to 20 a day).
b. Magic Contest - Magic PK Contest.
c. Magic Pub - A mysterious guy will show up in front of Magic Pub. He sells various treasures(time-limited).
d. Magic Crystal Ball - After submitting Magic Potions, you will get points that can be used to spin fortune wheel.
e. The Battle to Defend CO Magic World - Eliminate monsters to get Magic Points(up to 50 a day).
f. Point Rank - The point rank for submitting Magic Potions across all servers, the top heroes will be nicely rewarded.

Note: You need to get at least 20000 Points to be ranked in top 3 and get the corresponding reward, if the top 3 heroes don't get 20000 Points, they will get the reward of the lower rank (1 rank lower).

Rank Character Name Server Points