Anniversary Hero Reunion - Invite your old friends to come back and go on the advanture in CO together!

Glory Returner List

Divide up the number of people:


Generating Invitation Code

Input Invitation Code

Account Value: 0 points.

  • Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 5

  • EXP Ball*5

  • +3Stone(B)

  • 500 Study Point(B)

  • Endeavor Scroll(B)*1

  • 500 Chi Point (B)

  • 10000 CPs
  • Draw
    50 Points
  • 10 Times Draw
    500 Points

  • Bright Star Stone*2

  • +6 Stone(B)

  • Dragon Ball(B)*1

  • 300 CP(B)

  • Ginseng Fruit * 2

  • +2 Steed(B)

Conquer has changed a lot in the days you left. Without you to destroy Dino Monsters, it took a lot of treasure! Click the button on the left to claim a Dino Tooth. Come, beat it and slay the Dino King in Dark Cave (Twin City 315, 450) to gain treasures!

  • Account Value Under 5000
    Standard Anniversary Pack

  • Account Value Over 5000
    Deluxe Anniversary Pack

In 17th Conquer Anniversaries, we invite you to come back! Now according to the account value, you can claim the corresponding gift pack. The rewards are 60Days 5-Star Garment BlissfulForeverHeart, CPs Voucher, Anima, Tortoise Gem, etc. Why not come back to the game and try the garment?

First Credit Reward

Purchase any amount of CPs during CO 17th Anniversaries, you can claim an Anniversary First Credit Pack once during this event.

Account Value Over 5000

Credit Amount Claim CPs(B) Rebate
60 CPs 60 CPs 0
125 CPs 320 CPs 0
320 CPs 320 CPs 0
530 CPs 530 CPs 0
1075 CPs 1075 CPs 0
2050 CPs 2050 CPs 0
4200 CPs 4200 CPs 0

CPs(B) Rebate

For returning player whose account value over 5000, purchase CPs during this event will get 100% CPs(B) rebate. There is no limit of the CPs(B) rebate. Let’s shopping!

VIP 6 - VIP 7 returning players can claim a Treasure Bowl. It can be used to exchange CPs(B) at the crazy rate of 1:20!