Glory Hero Return - Amounts of gift is waiting for you back!

Glory Returner List

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Account Value: 0 points.

  • Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 5

  • EXP Ball*5

  • +3Stone(B)

  • 500 Study Point(B)

  • Endeavor Scroll(B)*1

  • 500 Chi Point (B)

  • 10000 CPs

  • Bright Star Stone*2

  • +6 Stone(B)

  • Dragon Ball(B)*1

  • 300 CP(B)

  • Small Lottery Ticket Pack*3

  • +2 Steed(B)
  • Luxury Return Pack

  • Mighty Return Pack

According to the account value, heroes can claim relevant pack. There are including 4 Super L15 gear(left hand weapon, right hand weapon, armor and headgear).


Heroes can claim a Dino tooth which heroes can use it as a permit to enter the Dark Cave (Twin City 315,450) and defeat Dino monster and Dino king to gain treasures.