New Arab Domino Client - For Arab Only!



Step 1. Download Now
Step 2. Use CO Account To Play
Step 3. Take Tons of Silver Back to CO

US Server Time: 16:00:00 on July 16th-15:59:59 on July 24th
EU Server Time: 00:00:00 on July 17th -23:59:59 on July 24th

1. Download Arab Domino test client.

2. Complete 10 games of Domino or Texas Hold’ em Poker every day to get the daily reward.

3. Daily Reward: A random reward (2000 Chi Points, 500,000 Silver or 300 CPs (B)) for Conquer Online.

4. Refresh Time of Data: Every hour.Daily data update will refer to EU Server time in game.

5.Statistical Deadline:
US Server Time: 15:59:59 on July 24th
EU Server Time: 23:59:59 on July 24th
Players can claim the reward before 23:59:59 on July 30th(EU Server Time).

6.When claiming your reward, please make sure you have selected the correct server. You will be responsible for any reward-issuing mistakes caused by incorrect information you have provided.

7.The data of the Domino test server will be erased after the test. Your data of Conquer Online will not be affected.