CO Distributor Recruitment - Get Exclusive Discounts to Turn Funny into Money!

Distributors will be authorized to purchase Silver from the official and enjoy special discounts.

CO official will promote and recommend the official distributors.

Distributor’s character will receive special and unique in-game appearance.

Prioritize the following areas

United States, The Philippines, The Republic of Mauritius, The United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania, Canada, Saudi Arabia, France, Macedonia MK and Greece. (If you are from another countries, you are also welcome to submit an application to us).

Payment method

Telegraphic transfer (American/HongKong)

How to apply

a. Enter your basic information in the "Apply" window and submit the application, leave your basic information (income information, sales advantages, etc.) on the message board to help us better understand you.
b. Contact us by sending your information into:

If you would like to be a CO Cyber Promoter and get nicely rewarded, please leave your basic information required on the page. Our GM will contact you and guide you through it.

We are searching for cyber cafes in the following countries:
Egypt (except Cairo), Philippines, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Indonesia, etc.

After you become a promoter, you can get $10 for each cyber cafe by completing our promotion tasks:
A. Find a cyber cafe that CO has not covered yet. Talk to the owner and convince them to cooperate with CO, and collect the basic information (the name of the cyber cafe, the address, the number of computers in total, etc.) Completing the task above earns you $4 for each cyber cafe.
B. Carry out the cooperation in this cyber cafe (Download and install the client of CO on each computer, set the wallpapers and put up posters, etc.) Completing the task above earns you $6 for each cyber cafe.

Find more cyber cafes to cooperate with CO to win more. You’ll receive an extra $50 reward if you manage to be a successful promoter of more than 30 cyber cafes each month!