Credit Rank Rewards - Top 8 Heroes Will Win Precious Rewards!


From 01:00 March 12th to 23:59 April 11th, the top 8 heroes who credit the most CPs will win precious rewards.

Rank Rewards
1 Choose one from -1% Permanent Auspicious Cloud Mount Armor and -1% Permanent Pacific Cloud Mount Armor.
Chi Booster (+1): Add 1 point to a random Chi Attribute. Please contact the GM with your server name and character name to get the effect.
2 -1% Permanent Pure Lotus Mount Armor & 150,000 Chi Points
3 Radiant Star Stone * 30 & 150,000 Chi Points
4-8 Radiant Star Stone * 10 & 100,000 Chi Points

Note: You should credit at least 200,000 CPs to be ranked in Top 8 and win the rewards. The ranking rewards will be sent via mail system after the event ends.


Rank Name Server Points