CPT Poker King Series - First Poker King Series in History. Who's Gonna Take the Throne?

CPT-Poker King Series

CPT(Conquer Online Poker Tournament)-Poker King Series is a series of Texas Hold’em Poker events built by CO Poker Club. It aims to provide high quality and highly rewarding events for Poker Players.

The 30-day CPT event consists of four parts

  • CPT Daily Match
  • CPT Weekly Match
  • CPT Monthly Match
  • CPT Final

Players will compete for the final dollar prize! In addition, we will choose players from the final to join the CO POKER hall of fame and become the official adviser to the CO Poker Club.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

CPT Guide

Time: From Oct. 17 to Nov. 10
US Server 11:00
Entry Fee: 500K Silver or CPT Daily Match Ticket

Share of the Prize Pool

Rank Bonus Item
1 40% Prize Pool CPT weekly match ticket & 20 Poker Token
2 20% Prize Pool CPT weekly match ticket & 15 Poker Token
3 10% Prize Pool CPT weekly match ticket & 10 Poker Token
4 3% Prize Pool CPT weekly match ticket & 6 Poker Token
5 2% Prize Pool CPT weekly match ticket & 3 Poker Token
6~10 1% Prize Pool CPT weekly match ticket & 2 Poker Token
11~30 CPT weekly match ticket & 1 Poker Token

CPT Schedule

CPT Attendence Rank
Rank Server Character Name Attended Tournaments Points

Rules of the Attendance Rank

01. The rank will show how many tournaments you have attended, and how many points you have gained.

02. Point calculation:
Daily Match, 1 point per match.
Weekly Match, 3 point per match.
Monthly Match, 10 point.

03. We will update the date of Attendance Rank during workdays.