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Bound Item Carnival - Collect Christmas Candies to win extra rewards!

Note: Since server LasVegas has a long term Credit Rebate event, the total amount of Candies submitted by players in LasVegas will be divided by 2 and then count the integer. For example, if you submit 3 Candies in game, it will be divided by 2, that is 1.5, and then count the integer 1. The Candy you have on the page is 1.

Candy Rewards

TipsYou can claim corresponding rewards when you submit the required amount of candies.
  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 30
  • 50
  • 100

Candy Rank

Rank Character Name Server Candies

Note: You should submit at least 100 Christmas Candies to be ranked in Top 8 and win the rewards.
The ranking rewards will be sent via mail system after the event ends.