Always With CO Always With You - Gifts of 19th Anniversary Awaiting You

From May 5th to May 14th, you can login this event page to lighten the footprints and get gifts. You can only lighten one particular footprint a day, and if you miss a day's gift, there is no way to make up for the lost gift.
  • Almighty Warrior
    January, 2021

    Class Awakening Box (B) x 3

  • Love or Not
    March, 2021

    Yellow Rune Essence (B) x 30

  • New Wardrobe
    April, 2021

    Bright Star Stone x 1

  • Girls Group
    May, 2021

    Universal Rune Essence (B) x 10

  • Music Festival
    June, 2021

    1000 Chi Points

  • Soaring Archers
    August, 2021

    Class Awakening Box (B) x 4

  • Forged in Myth & Magic Academy
    October, 2021

    Ginseng Fruit x 1

  • New Clan System & Thanksgiving Season
    November, 2021

    +3 Stone (B) x 1

  • Dominating Taoists
    January, 2022

    Class Awakening Box (B) x 5

  • Future With You

    Radiant Star Stone x 1